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Our menus are bursting with rustic, wholesome food. Borne of a field to fork philosophy. It has been  created with love, to share with you, our passion for quality and celebrate good food bringing people together under one roof. Welcome to our home.

If we can’t make it, then we look for suppliers that align with our ethos.

So if you have a great product that you think would add value to our store, please drop us a line and get in touch.

Our passion for good food and healthy living, helped us develop a concept that goes back to the way our grandparents  ate. Making food from scratch, using fresh, locally sourced, organic where possible products and goods.  That’s free from additives, preservatives or harmful chemicals. Slow food is happy food, and comes from taking the time to prepare a meal, with respect for the products and goods used. We believe that you have the right to know what you are eating, so pop your head over our kitchen counter if you want to see what we’re cooking up.  

We are passionate about our people, especially our family and friends  which is why we’ve created a homely feel at Urban Angel.  

So kick back and relax, this is your space.

We’re big into crafting artisanal product ranging from our fresh bakes to pickles and spreads. We’re all about traceability and knowing where your food comes from, taking it straight from field to fork where possible. Food is essential to life, so you may as well make it good, and we’re all about giving you  great food that won’t cost you the earth

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To all our customers; we would like to thank you for all the support and memories over the past few years.  

We regret to inform you that Urban Angel is no longer trading